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The UT of Jammu and Kashmir comprises of two Divisions, 20 Districts, 49 Sub-divisions, 207Territorial Tehsils, 520 Niabats, 1632 Patwar Halqas and 6860 Villages. The main functions of the Revenue Department

  • Maintenance and updating and preservation of land records and consolidation of land holdings.
  • Recovery of other Misc. loans, advances, outstanding declared as arrears of Land Revenue.
  • To arrange land for Govt./Semi Govt. Departments for public purposes by way of Acquisition/allotment.
  • To implement various Laws pertaining to land like Land Revenue Act etc. To protect Kahcharai and other State lands from encroachments/wrongful use. Disaster Management and incentive delivery.
  • Relief & Rehabilitation works.
  • Issuance of certificates such as Domicile, RBA, OBC, ST, SC and LOC etc.
  • Settlement of disputes pertaining to land.
  • To carry out land Reforms & Settlement Operations.
  • To register births & deaths in rural areas.
  • Services Offered